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Manual Lift Systems and Transom Jacks

Manual power lift and jack plate units for boat outboard engines. The manual lifts can improve the performance of virtually any type of outboard. This unique outboard motor lifting device works independently of your power trim and tilt to allow the boat-motor-prop combination to work at it's maximum efficiency. The manual lift gives you the ability to adjust your motor up or down to find the optimal setting for your boat configuration. It helps with better top end speed, better fuel efficiency, and more prop clearance in shallow water.

There is one main models - ML65 in either 5 1/2" or 10" of setback. The ML65SS for V8 is for larger V8 engines and has SS motor rails. A 2 1/2" optional spacer plate can also be added to the 5 1/2" setback models for a total of 8" of setback.

Choose the best option subject to your needs, boat model/design, and transom configuration.

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2 1/2 spacer plate for PL-65 and ML-65

Gives you 8" of total setback

Bottom Washer Plate

Sold only with the purchase of a transom jack

ML-65 with 10 setback

Shipping weight  54 lbs

Was: $337.00
Now: $309.00
ML-65 with 5 1/2 setback

Shipping weight  39 lbs

Was: $324.00
Now: $295.00
Transom jack lift

SS motor rails for V-8. Shipping weight  59 lbs

Top Washer Plate

Sold only with the purchase of a transom jack

Transom Wedges/Set-Back Spacer

Sold only with the purchase of a transom jack

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