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Pivot-up C-ring Dinghy Davit System for Inflatable Boat Davits

Review these inflatable boat and dinghy pivot-up davits for inflatable boats, dinghies, rubber boats and other dinghies. Pivot-up davits support and store an inflatable boat on the stern swim grid or swim platform on yachts and larger boats. Often inflatable boats are stored using pivot davit systems. Review the options below or email us with your boat info and we'll suggest the best davit system for you.

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Pivoting Davit System For Inflatable Boats

Davit system (manual or quick release) designed to carry an inflatable dinghy in a vertical position on the swim platform of a larger vessel.

Was: $410.00 - $610.00
Now: $399.00 - $599.00
C-ring Size:
Complete Davit System for Inflatable Boats

A davit system (manual or quick release option), swiveling engine mount, and stand-off bars to carry your inflatable boat.

Was: $1,193.00 - $1,393.00
Now: $1,145.00 - $1,345.00
C-ring Size:
Davit system lift assist pulley system

Davit System Lift Assist Pulley - designed for use with most pivot-up davit systems to easily raise and lower dinghies.

Adjustable Pivoting Outboard Motor Mount Bracket for Inflatable boats and dinghies

For Inflatable Boats and Hard Dinghies to allow engine to swivel as boat is tilted up on davits.

Was: $595.00
Now: $579.00
Davit Mount Extensions

Add room on your swim platform with 18" extensions for the 6000 or 6100 C-Ring davit.

Was: $204.00
Now: $199.00
Stand Off Bars for any Davit System

Add extra support to your davit system with adjustable stand-off bars.

Was: $189.00
Now: $185.00
Reinforcement Plates for Extension Bars used with 6000 Davit System

Use with 600 Davit System Extension Bars for added reach.

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