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Keel Protection Strip - Dinghy Kit

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KeelEazy Dinghy KitsDinghy keel strip from allboatproducts.com


The Dinghy Kit (10 and 12 kits) consists of what a person needs to put a KeelEazy keel strip on a dinghy.


This kit is designed as a DIY kit to help protect your dinghy from abrasion. It consists of 1 piece of Keeleazy 2 inch by 4 feet and one piece of Keeleazy 3 inch by 10 or 12 feet based on which kit you order. The Kit comes with Alcohol wipes, razor blade and full instructions. Available in either White or Black.


KeelEazy Protective strip is a self-adhesive (peel and stick) strip that provides an extremely durable surface anywhere that abrasion is a concern.


Ideally suited for the keel of dinghies, it is also used on boats, canoes, jet skis, car doors etc.

  • It consists of 1 piece of Keeleazy 2 inch by 4 feet and one piece of Keeleazy 3 inch by 10 or 12 feet based on which kit you order.
  • Comes in black or white.
  • It is easily applied to fiberglass, Polyethylene, thermoformed ABS and surfaces
    and can be molded over compound curves with the use of a heat gun.
  • 3/32” thich PVC material can be cut into narrow strips if desired.
  • KeelEazy can be applied full length or on specific wear spots.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is KeelEazy made of?
A: PVC backed with adhesive.

Q: Why do I need KeelEazy on my hull.
A: Fiberglass composite material is not very abrasion resistant making any area subject to rubbing very vulnerable. A composite KeelStrip is no more durable than the hull itself and is much more costly to install, nearly impossible to remove and adds weight to the boat.

Q. Why do I need HeelEazy inside my boat?
A. As on the outside, composite materials are not very abrasion resistant, and in many cases the most abrasion occurs where the paddlers heel rubs on the hull inside the cockpit. This situation is accelerated when sand or pebbles are embedded in the paddlers footwear.

Q: How durable is it?
A: Testing indicates that is 14 times more abrasion resistant than a composite keel strip.

Q: How easy is it to install?
A: It is a peel and stick application, although using a heat guns and a roller helps the adhesive grip better. Doing it your self is quite easy, however, having a KeelEazy installer do it insures a good job.

Q. How do I get the blue backing tape off without removing the tan adhesive?
A. I use a Razor blade of Razor knife, there are probably more ways as well. One suggestion is putting the tape in the freezer for a few minutes before trying to separate it. Another idea is to use an Ice pick.

Q: How long does it take to install and how long do I have to wait to use my boat?
A: A typical 17” sea kayak install takes about 30 minutes and the boat is then ready to use.

Q: How do I remove or replace it?
A: Simply apply a little heat with a hairdryer or heat gun and peel it off? Then clean the surface with Alcohol to remove any trace of the adhesive residue.

Q: Can I use Acetone to clean the boat prior to installation.
A: Only use Acetone on fiberglass boats, not on ABS or Poly boats.

Q: How much weight will it add to my kayak?
A: The two inch wide KeelEazy strip weighs .6 oz per foot, which means it would add about 10 oz to a 17 foot kayak. This is less than half the weight of a similar composite strip.

Q: Do I have to run it down the entire Keel?
A: No not really, only where you suspect it may need protection. We recommend that when applying a small section that the corners of the KeelEazy strip are rounded.

Q: How expensive is KeelEazy?
A: See pricing above.

Q: Can I use it on my poly boat?
A: We have been testing it on whitewater poly boats and it appears to adhere as well as it does on Fiberglass or ABS material.



  1. Preparation-Clean surface thoroughly. Use Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) on Polyethylene, Varnish, Fiberglass, or ABS. Acetone may be used on Fiberglass as well.

  2. Round The Corners-Use scissors to round off the corners at the ends of the strip. 

  3. Separate the blue backing tape from the tan adhesive-This seems to be the most challenging part when installing for the first time. Use a razor blade or razor knife. It is also much easier if you place the KeelEazy in the freezer for 5 minutes prior to separating.

  4. Press the strip onto the hull-Once one end is firmly attached you can stretch the strip slightly. Then go over the strip with a hair dryer or hot air gun on a low setting to press out any wrinkles.

  5. To remove or reset- Simply heat the strip using low heat and lift it off.

Installation Video


“This is by far the best keel protection that I have ever used. It is light weight and very abrasion resistant.” - Mike Henebry


"This product is wonderful. KeelEazy has even come out with a new product called HeelEazy. It quickly installs under your heel where it rests on the hull of the kayak and prevents your heel from rubbing a hole in the bottom." - Big Wave


“I purchased a KeelEazy product and I am very happy with the results following a week long kayak tour of the lower Colorado river through Lake Mojave. Whereas, other unprotected areas of the kayaks were scratched the Keeleazy areas were very well protected.” - Gene Matt


"I purchased 20 ft of the white for my P&H Cetus on-line from  you guys.  I'm very satisfied with the product and have recommended it to several friends.  It took me about 20 minutes to apply, after watching your YouTube installation video.  I've dragged my boat across the rocks on the coast of Maine, played in rock gardens and had a few scrapes. The KeelEazy strip has no damage to it.  It's definitely a better option than a fiberglass strip if you don't need the extra rigidity you'd get from a glass strip." - Catherine Foley


"Just wanted to tell you that I put the Keel eazy strip on my boat and it worked great. I am really happy with it. It was indeed easy to apply. Only took me about twenty minutes. I was a little wary at first about the area turning up to the bow and stern. I was concerned about getting some buckling, but using my heat gun and a cloth to apply pressure it layed down perfectly. A great product. Thanks!" - Ray


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