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Yacht & Marine Pivot-up Dinghy Davits for Inflatable Boats and Dinghies

Boat davit, inflatable boat davits, boat chocks, davit systems, dinghy hoists and dinghy davits for inflatable boats and dinghies on yachts.

Boat davit systems and marine davits for hoisting, lifiting and storing inflatable boat and dinghies on powerboats, sailboats and yachts.. We offer several types of davit systems to meet the needs of your specific vessel including pivot-up davits, pull-on davits, lift-up davits, sling davits, hooists, cranes and more.

These dinghy davits are designed for the boat owner who demands the best in function and style for their dinghy davit needs. We offer several simple davit system solutions for inflatable boat and dinghy storage while retaining room on your swim platform and boat. We offer different mounting systems to match almost any size swim platform, deck area, and vessel configuration.

We are one of the largest and best Hurley Dinghy Davit System dealers worldwide. See all 4 models here.

Review the options below or email us for recommendations of which one is best for your boat.

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Dinghy Chock Davit System

Dinghy Chocks system for easy storage of inflatable boats and dinghies.

$924.00 - $1,348.00
Hurley Pull On Davit System

Traditional pull-on davit system for easy storage of inflatable boats

Was: $1,089.00 - $1,189.00
Now: $989.00 - $1,089.00

Revolutionary davit system with quick release in a sleek euro design.

Was: $1,399.00 - $1,599.00
Now: $1,299.00 - $1,499.00
H3O high quality winch on davit System for inflatable boats

H3O winch-on davit system for heavier dinghies & PWC up to 400 lbs.

Was: $2,089.00 - $4,284.00
Now: $2,079.00 - $4,274.00
H3O high quality winch on davit System

H3O+ heavy duty winch-on davit system for dinghies & PWC up to 725 lbs.

Was: $2,689.00 - $5,284.00
Now: $2,669.00 - $5,264.00
Dinghy Sling Davit and Cargo Net

Dinghy davit sling to hold Inflatables, kayaks or cargo. Free Shipping Worldwide.

Complete Davit System for Inflatable Boats

A davit system (manual or quick release option), swiveling engine mount, and stand-off bars to carry your inflatable boat.

$889.00 - $974.00
Davit system lift assist pulley system

Davit System Lift Assist Pulley - designed for use with most pivot-up davit systems to easily raise and lower dinghies.

Pivoting Davit System For Inflatable Boats

Davit system (manual or quick release) designed to carry an inflatable dinghy in a vertical position on the swim platform of a larger vessel.

$339.00 - $424.00

Designed to carry inflatable dinghy on swim platform of boat

Was: $418.00
Now: $356.00
Sailboat Davit System

For Storing Inflatable Boats on Transoms of Sailboats and Powerboats

Was: $1,990.00
Now: $1,799.00
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Was: $1,399.00 - $1,599.00
Now: $1,299.00 - $1,499.00
H3O high quality winch on davit System
Was: $2,689.00 - $5,284.00
Now: $2,669.00 - $5,264.00
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Was: $1,399.00 - $1,599.00
Now: $1,299.00 - $1,499.00
Inflatable Boat Restoration Kit
Was: $159.00
Now: $149.00