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Inflatable Boat Planing System

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How it works

This Detachable planing system radically improve the performance of inflatable boats, increasing speed and acceleration 25% to and planing weight capacity up to 30%, while decreasing fuel consumption by over 25%. Boats having insufficient power or carrying heavy loads can now plane or achieve higher planing speeds.  They are specifically designed and patented for boats with over seven years of development and testing to yield maximum performance with the following advantages:


  • Helps boats from 7 to 15 feet in length and up to 60 HP engine perform better.
  • Less drag and far superior performance than hydrofoil devices
  • Accelerate and plane quickly without moving weight forward
  • Stay aft for safer motor control and boat stays level for comfort
  • Reduce proposing, hopping and prop ventilation at high speeds
  • Plane faster on top of the waves with a smooth cushioned ride
  • In the roughest of conditions plane slower for more comfort
  • Carry weight aft for greater stability and speed with less spray
  • Execute tighter turns while maintaining speed and control
  • Eliminate transom engine torquing for more in-line power
  • Spray plate eliminates lower unit spray and transom dousings
  • Maintain proper engine RPM for less deposits and plug fowling
  • Large motors turn freely with partial horizontal swiveling
  • Reduce transom turbulence and drag when trolling or rowing
  • Increase boat's traveling range while saving on fuel
  • Less wake and better transitional speed control
  • Less drag when towing empty boat and with motor
  • Won't snag on kelp or weeds like hydrofoil devices
  • Counteract towline torque for fast controlled towing
  • Won't affect boat or motor storage like other devices
  • Simple to install and attach or detach in seconds
  • Works with wood, aluminum or air floor, all roll-ups
  • Can be left in the water and growth wipes right off
  • Made of unbreakable UV resistant polypropylene
  • Corrosion resistant SS and anodized aluminum
  • Used as skids to drag up sandy beaches


The speed and weight carrying capacity of a planing hull is directly related to it's planing surface area and driving power. Unlike small trim tabs, these add more than 5 times the planing area, or a substantial 4.2 sq. ft. (12.5" x 24" x 2) of additional hull planing surface as shown on the right.  At low planing speeds the additional surface area at the stern creates more than a proportional amount of added lift by pushing water down, opposed to the forward "V" section which pushes water to the sides.

planing trim tabs

The additional lift far aft of the center of weight (boat, crew and motor) lifts the stern and lowers the bow for more hull planing surface area and upward lift rather than backward drag. They also generate less drag and more lift then trim tabs by having a lower angle of deflection or attack and more surface area further aft. At high planing speeds when less surface area is desired because of higher viscous skin drag, the ventilation slots at the front of the planing tabs suck air into the mini step which decreases the planing surface area and drag. This technology is similar to the latest side ventilated step and hull technology used on race boats (Photo1, Photo2), but more importantly, they dramatically increase the performance and comfort for fishing, hunting, scuba diving, tending, towing, rescue and other boating activities.

Customer Testimonials

"I've just fitted a pair of your planing fins to my 11' Avon Supersport inflatable with 4hp Yamaha. I wasn't really expecting anything radical but I was surprised. With enough kit for two nights camping at the front and just me at the back, the max speed without them was 6 mph and with them was 9.5. Without the camping kit and just me in the boat the max speed without them was 5.5 mph (The boat wasn't balanced) but the max speed was a fraction over 11 mph with them. The speeds were taken using my Garmin GPS. The ride was also more comfortable as the bow didn't rise as much. "
John Moffat - 1/29/05 - Glasgow, Scotland

"I received my planing fins a few days ago and cannot believe the difference in performance of my 8 ft Zodiac. They do everything you say, easy installation, and best of all I can now cruise in the boat and not get wet."
Jerry Chierchio - 6/19/02 Matawan, NJ

"Just got back from 2 weeks in the San Juans, thanks to your planing fins system, it was great, we were planing instantly, before installing them my wife wasn't too impressed with the boat. I had to take them off and on to show everyone the difference, it's incredible. Being able to quickly "tune" the ride according to load was wonderful too. I don't think I'd keep my 11.6 RIS inflatable if it wasn't for your planing fins. Thanks for a great performing product.
Rob Cochran - 9/09/02 Kent, WA

"The planing fins seemed to work quite well; my 10.5' Avon inflatable (S340) planes easily with two people on board with a 1972 Merc 9.8hp engine, seemingly with plenty of headroom on power. That's exactly what I had in mind... I was very positively impressed with the quality of craftsmanship of all the piece parts associated with these; they seem well thought out and well executed."
Richard Ranlet - 9/12/02 North Kingstown, RI

"I purchased the planing fins November 2002. Used them this July on my 285 Zodiac Cadet Fast Roller. They definitely improve the performance and friendliness of the inflatable. I am running an 8 HP Honda on this inflatable. Without the system and 2 persons on board there was a lot of redistribution of weight required toward the front of the boat to be able to plane. With the system installed, the boat achieves a plane almost immediately. There is no sinking of the back end of the boat. Intermediate speeds are easy to maintain even when the boat is not on a full plane. The planing fins even when submerged act to provide a smooth level condition. They are easy to snap in and remove when inflating and deflating. I would definitely recommend them for improving the performance of an inflatable."
Peter Neihsl - 7/18/03 Township, MI

"Just wanted to pass along a thumbs up on your planing system for inflatable boats. This product works as advertised. I was using a 15 horse outboard, with a hydro foil, on a ten foot inflatable. This combo still gave me incredible bow rise on take off. When I saw your product, I was skeptical but thought I would give it a try. Once installed, which is very easy, I removed the hydro foil unit from the outboard and ran only with your product. This made a huge difference not only in performance, but I now have very little bow rise on take off. At half throttle, I get about the same speed as full throttle before installing this planing system. I come up on plane sooner and achieve a much smoother ride once at speed. Great job on this product!"
Karl Miller - 7/21/03 Sacramento, CA

"I had to let you know how impressed I am with your product. I installed them yesterday and am truly amazed at how effective they are - they virtually eliminated the stern drag I've been battling with my Zodiac there's no delay getting the boat to plane and almost no bow rise at all I hoped they'd be good but they've exceeded my expectations. They really are great! And, they were very easy to install to boot - it took me about 40 minutes by myself start to finish!
James A. Rokeby - 8/29/04 Kitchener, Ontario Canada

"At long last I got to use the planing fins system. They are everything you advertise and more. My Maxxon cs330 10' 10" hp inflatable now handles like a dream. With the Honda 9.9 it gets up on the plane quickly and stability in rough water is outstanding. Thanks for making an OK boat into a great boat. Everyone who has seen it go - comes back for another look."
Tom Maxon - 9/01/04 Loleta, CA

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