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Adjustable Stand Off Bars

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Now: $185.00



20" - 40" Adjustable Stand Off Bars for any Davit System 


To keep dinghy in an upright position on swim step, once mounted with Dinghy Hauler Davits. These bars are adjustable from 20 inches to 40 inches and have 6 locking positions in between. Ideal stand off bars for any situation.

Add extra support to your davit system and protect your dinghy and larger vessel by installing stand off bars. Allows you to still walk on swim step because they keep the dinghy from having to rest against the transom of your larger vessel.


Features and Benefits:

  • Adjustable from 20″ to 40″ 
  • 6 locking positions 
  • Comes in a set of TWO.
  • Can attach to existing D-rings, eyelets, or other hardware or attachment points on your dinghy.
  • 3 lbs and 26" x 2" x 2" shipping size.

dinghy davit stand off bars


  • Made of 1/2” diameter Stainless Steel tubing.
  • Electropolished.
  • Stainless steel end fittings.


Recommended Add-on Product for the Pivoting C-ring Dinghy Davit System:

  1. To extend the reach of your swim step platform, view our Dinghy Davits Extension.
  2. Pivoting Motor Mount Bracket for inflatable boats and hard shell dinghies, this "pivoting" bracket allows the boater to leave the outboard motor on the dinghy when raising dinghy to vertical position on swim platform because the bracket pivots to different angles. Eliminates need for storage for motor, no spilling of fuel or oil.


Additional Info:

Stand-off bars come in sets of 2 along with 4 stainless steel eye hooks for fastening end clips to. Stainless steel clips on both ends of the rods for an easy and quick way to secure your dinghy. Holds dinghy securely in place, unlike the use of ropes, which can allow the dinghy to lean forward or aft of the boat and requires two lines for a secure upright position. When not in use, the stand-off bars can easily be stored in a locker.


Watch this video that shows the davit system and stand-off bars in action.

Watch this video that shows the davit system and stand-off bars in action.


Stand-off bars for davit system
Secure attachment to vessel and dinghy.

Stand-off bars for davit system
Made of high quality electropolished stainless steel.

Standoff bars for davit system
Adjustable to 6 different lengths from 20 to 40 inches long.

Stand off bars for davit system
Easily adjusted and removed.

dinghy davit stand off bars

Stand-off bars in action


davit system for dinghies and stand-off bars

davit system stand-off bars


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