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Water Trampoline "Classic" - 15'

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Classic island hooper with Bounce N' Slide and Island Runner
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15' Island Hopper - "Classic"

Has truly become the classic size for the recreational lake home user and is the best seller.

The Island Hopper 15' "Classic" water trampoline has truly become the classic size for the recreational lake home user. this water trampoline is built with commerical features including a bolted galvanized steel frame and 8.5" steel trampoline springs. The Best Selling Island Hopper is covered by a 2 year limited warranty.

  • Heavy commercial galvanized steel, tubular frame with flat head bolted connections. 5 years frame limited warranty.
  • HEAVY commercial construction using 30oz. 1000 Denier UV resistant PVC material.
  • 2 YEAR seam "NO SEAM BLOW-OUT" limited WARRANTY
  • 3 CHAMBER inflation tube guarantees structural strength and assures the tube is always floating
  • 6 anchor-tie D-rings (3 inside and 3 under tube) for secure anchoring and mooring.
  • 8 swimmer assist handles for ladder and water assistance
  • Galvanized steel frame, 8.5" cross tapered springs, 20 frame secure tie straps.
  • UV Resistant protective pads
  • Includes: Carry/storage bag and repair kit
  • 700 PSI burst strength polypropylene mat
  • 1 year jump surface replacement warranty
  • UV resistant 1" foam perimeter spring cover
  • Includes ladder, carry storage bag, repair kit, and instruction manual


See it in Action!


Product Dia Height
Jumper Surface
Ship Wt Box Sizes
#1 106 lbs
#2 145 lbs




Just add these attachments to your Water Trampoline to create your own Water Park!





Water Trampoline Common Features


The flotation tubes features our exclusive protective frame cradle. This protects the tube against abrasive wear and heat from the metal frame. Our spring cover pads are 2” thick and 18” wide. They are made of thick protective foam and durable UV resistant vinyl materials. Island Hopper’s exclusive design extends this safety pad an additional 3 inches over the frame, springs and tube for added safety and comfort.


The water trampolines feature super galvanized steel frame sections that bolt together for maximum strength & safety. All water trampolines INCLUDE a sturdy 4 rung Aluminum entry ladder.



Our 20’ Acrobat and 25’ Giant Jump water trampoline flotation tubes feature three individual floating chambers with 3 inflation valves. This provides for added strength and load bearing properties and assures your tube is always floating under any conditions.





 Water Trampolines Versus Water Bouncers:

A water trampoline has a jump surface supported by a steel frame and trampoline springs. A water bouncer has a jump surface supported by a spring-less interlocking webbing connected from the floatation tube to the jump surface.

When shopping at different suppliers, ensure you ask them if it's a trampoline or bouncer.

water trampoline can support heavier loads on the jump surface and will provide a higher jump than a water bouncer. All Island Hopper™ water trampolines are made of 1100 denier “reinforced” PVC material and are recommended for commercial operations. Unlike the bouncer, a water trampoline requires assembling the framed jump surface. This will take about 30 minutes additional set-up time.

A water bouncer is a great family recreational product and costs less then a water trampoline. It will support a good amount of weight and will provide a short bounce. A bouncer does not require any assembly other then inflating and anchoring.

Watch the video and learn more!


Island Hopper - Questions & Answers: (for more info download Island Hopper Owners Manual )


Q. How do I inflate and deflate the water trampoline?

A. You will need a shop vac. or strong power inflator. Many marina areas have compressed air, but you will need to deflate with a power unit, sucking out the air until the product is flat. We sell a power inflator for this purpose.

Q. How big a boat do I need to move the water trampoline?
A. It doesn't require very much horse power to pull. 5 hp is the minimum required to move a water trampoline.

Q. How do I store my water trampoline when summer is over?
A. Power deflate and wipe down with 303 Protectant before storing (available at your local boat store or upon request from Aqua Sports). Store in a dry storage bin or wrap in a plastic tarp and tie with a rope, and store in a dry place.

Q. How do I anchor the Island Hopper™ once I have it set up and on the water?

A. Your Island Hopper™ has D-ring attachments around the outside and on the inside. (see photos) You can simply drop a marine anchor down and tie off to the D-ring. This method makes it easier to move your trampoline at a moment's notice. If you want to anchor to a permanent underwater mooring, drop the lines down from the D-rings on the inside of the tube, (under the jump surface) so as to keep the lines out of the way of the swimmers.

Q. How do I repair a small hole in my flotation tube?

A. It is as easy to repair a hole as it was with your bike tires when you were a kid. Every unit comes with a repair kit included. Follow the instructions in your owner's manual or call Aqua Sports for details.

Q. What do I do in the Winter with my trampoline?
A. We recommend you deflate and store your flotation tube when you're done playing in the Fall. Do not leave it exposed in the cold during the winter months. Simply deflate and fold it into a tarp or bag. We also suggest you treat it with 303 protection or UV Tech before you put it to bed for the winter.

NOTE: Most questions are answered in our owner's manual that comes with all our products.

Island Hopper - Assembly Information (Set-Up/Take-Down your water trampoline)

Fatter than flat the water trampolines Fatter than flat the water trampolines
1. Unbox at a location near shore 2. Layout tube


So easy that everyone can pump up the water trampoline with ease.


The real trampoline with real springs will bounce you half way to the moon.

3. Fill with Shop-Vac 4. Assemble tubular frame and attach
springs to jump surface


The easy assembally lets two people set up the trampoline without breaking there back.



5. Put frame on tube and buckle straps 6. Attach safety pad, ladder, anchor and ENJOY!


Remove & Store
Takeout of water and fold tube in a tarp and tie up with ropes. Store in dry place.

The easy assembally lets two people set up the trampoline without breaking there back.

The easy assembally lets two people set up the trampoline without breaking there back.


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