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Water Floats

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Deluxe Water Float
Deluxe Water Float
Standard Water Float
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$39.99 - $59.99

These products are designed to be the most comfortable water floats for use in lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, and pools.  Water Floats fit adults of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and allow users to comfortably and effortlessly enjoy lounging, floating, and exercising in as little as 6 inches of water. 

With our floats, you’ll find yourself squeezing every last ray of sunshine from the daylight, and when it's time go, Water Floats are easily portable, so you can carry several in your backpack, beach bag, tote bag, or purse.

Standard Water Float




_The Standard Water Float is a simple, comfortable, form-fitting flotation 
device, comprised of two floats, connected by a soft, durable, flexible,
  body-conforming fabric.

Includes: Franklin Dual-Action Pump, Inflation Needles, and Nylon Tote Bag





Deluxe Water Float




_The  Deluxe Water Float is comprised of three floats, connected by a soft, durable, body-conforming fabric.  With the addition of the third float, the Deluxe will comfortably cradle occupants in any number of different positions, the majority of their bodies fully submerged in the water.

For more versatility and maximum relaxation, we recommend purchasing the Deluxe!

Includes: Franklin Dual-Action Pump, Inflation Needles, and Nylon Tote Bag



"Ridiculously comfortable, will definitely be ordering a bunch for our next river floating trip."

"Its like an easy chair in the water ... that floats!"

"We have a small group that goes boating almost every weekend in the Florida Keys.  When they see your product, I am sure you will get orders from our friends."

"The balls allow you to comfortably sit in the water.  Not only is it relaxing, but for the price ... you can't go wrong.  BRILLIANT!"

"It is perfect for lounging in the water -- even kept my hair dry!!!!!!"

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