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Island Hopper - "Double Blaster" Attachment

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Island Hopper - "Double Blaster" Attachment



The Island Hopper Double Blaster water trampoline attachment to your water bouncer or water trampoline you and a friend will launch into the air and land wet and laughing. Water fun doesn't get better than this. 


The Island Hopper Double Blaster is the ONLY Water Blaster that is designed to be used with two users at once. TWICE THE FUN!


Made of durable 30 oz 1000 denier puncture resistand PVC, the Double Blaster attachment will connect to any Island Hopper water trampoline or the 13' padded Bounce N Splash water bouncer. Includes: Carry bag, Ladder and Repair Kit.


Dia Height
Jumper Surface
Ship Wt Box Sizes
135 lbs


Double Boxed and Bound for UPS or Export Shipments. 


See it in Action!



Create a waterpark


Just add this attachment to your favorite Island Hopper Water Trampoline to create your own Water Park!


This attachment is compatible with:




Water Trampolines Versus Water Bouncers:

A water trampoline has a jump surface supported by a steel frame and trampoline springs. A water bouncer has a jump surface supported by a spring-less interlocking webbing connected from the floatation tube to the jump surface.

When shopping at different suppliers, ensure you ask them if it's a trampoline or bouncer.

water trampoline can support heavier loads on the jump surface and will provide a higher jump than a water bouncer. All Island Hopper™ water trampolines are made of 1100 denier “reinforced” PVC material and are recommended for commercial operations. Unlike the bouncer, a water trampoline requires assembling the framed jump surface. This will take about 30 minutes additional set-up time.

A water bouncer is a great family recreational product and costs less then a water trampoline. It will support a good amount of weight and will provide a short bounce. A bouncer does not require any assembly other then inflating and anchoring.

Watch a video and learn more!

NOTE: Most questions are answered in our owner's manual that comes with all our products.

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