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Inflatable Repair Paint - Basecoat - Gallon

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Basecoat Gallon
Half restored inflatable boat
Restored Zodiac RIB
Before using the paint.
After using the paint.
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TUFF Basecoat - Gallon (weight: 20 LBS) - Only buy this basecoat if you have topcoat already and need more basecoat, as you cannot use the basecoat alone.


For repairing & restoring old inflatable boat, kayaks and products to new again.


Over 1,250 restored inflatable boats and kayaks and happy customers to date. We are the "original and largest SRC Tuff-coat supplier". Buy from us - a trusted name you know. Renew your old, faded, sticky, deteriorating inflatable boat with Tuff-coat, this proven synthetic rubber coating and save thousands of $$.


Tuff-coat inflatable boat paint, in 5 colors for inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks, dinghies, inflatable canoes, inflatable boat accessories and other inflatable products.


Great for Hypalon and PVC boats of all makes and models - View PVC and Hypalon restoration projects here.


Tuffcoat paint can renew and protect your inflatable by adding a layer of strong, UV resistant synthetic rubber that bonds directly with your existing surface - PVC or Hypalon.


Tuffcoat inflatable boat paint paint has done wonders on Zodiac, Avon, Bombard, Caribe, Quicksilver and dozens of other inflatable boats and kayaks. Add years of pleasure to your investment with Tuff-coat and save money by not having to buy a new boat or invest in major repairs and fabric recovering!.


Don't compromise with others that only supply one coating! If there isn't a base and top coat, it likely won't adhere as well and last as long!


Why should you use Tuff-coat paint on your boat?

  • Over 1,250 restore inflatables and happy customers. A dependable and successful product. View restoration projects here.

  • Easy to apply. Clean the boat, brush on basecoat and topcoat in stages, let dry and cure, and go boating!

  • Restores your boat. Restores old, faded, sticky boats to looking renewed with enhanced protection and appearance.

  • Applicable for Hypalon and PVC. Using slightly different application procedures, It's great for both types of inflatable fabrics.

  • Unlike other coatings. It has a basecoat and topcoat for superior adhesion to the fabric and increased protection, durability and an overall better appearance.

  • Long lasting. Boats covered in tuff-coat for years show no signs of deterioration or bad affects.

  • Fixes pinhole leaks. Tuff-coat fixes pinholes in floors, covers chafed areas, and covers worn and exposed fabric and old patches.

  • Wide color selection. Gray, white, red, orange and black. Custom colors available on bulk orders.

  • Each "Pontoon Kit" covers the respective inflatable boat pontoons only  - not including the outer floor, in the color specified.

  • Each "Pontoon & Floor Kit" covers the respective inflatable boat length and outer floor, in the color specified.

  • Go to "Info & FAQs" tab for detailed information on coverage. For larger boats, contact us.

  • Shipping (usually 7-12 business days subject to location)

  • Have questions? Contact us now to learn more


Change your boat from this.....


.......to this!


If you can paint, you can use Tuff Coat

In order to restore your inflatable boat, you don’t have to know anything about a whole lot of stuff, except how to paint.  Applying Tuff-coat is that simple. Of course, you have to do it in proper environmental conditions, prepare your surface properly first, making sure it’s clean. But that’s no big deal. Using Tuff-coat, almost anyone can take a worn inflatable hypalon or PVC inflatable boat and make it look like new again.  Read our customer testimonials to learn how some have saved their boat and their money. View restoration projects here. 


Tuff Coat can save you thousands of dollars!

Tuff-coat can restore virtually any kind of damage your inflatable boat may have suffered. Now you may think that a product that unique, and that good, must be very expensive.  But guess what…Tuff-coat costs you a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new inflatable boat. Sure, you could go out and buy one of those great new inflatable boats or RIBs but you don’t want to take out a bank loan, or go into debt, just to enjoy your life. Enjoying life shouldn’t be expensive. And it doesn’t have to be! In fact, you could buy someones elses deteriorating inflatable boat and restore it with our paint and save loads of money. View restoration projects here. 


Is it easy to use? Will I save money?

Simply paint Tuff-coat basecoat over your existing material to restore the hypalon or pvc , then apply the topcoat  over the basecoat to add additional protection as well as a beautiful finish. The coating applies directly on and bonds with your existing material, fixes pinhole leaks, covers exposed and worn fabric and protects from harmful UV damage. Renew your old deteriorating inflatable into a new looking rugged air tight boat and save thousands of dollars. Tuffcoat has done wonders on Zodiac, Avon, Bombard, Caribe, Quicksilver and dozens of other inflatable boat brands and models. Add years of pleasure to your investment with SRC and save money. Topcoat is available in silver-gray, cloud white, gloss red, gloss black and orange. Custom colors available on bulk orders.


Large Zodiac RIB after paint applied.

Wow - fantastic results!

Read these satisfied customer testimonials and view other PVC and Hypalon boat restoration projects here.


Frank,  Long Island, NY - "Great Product! The results are impressive, Thank You!"

Martin,  LFI International - "Wow, It is fantastic to see my old boat painted with liquid SRC, the material is completely refurbished -- strong yet flexible I will tell everyone I know about your product!"




Frank, Everglades City, FL - "Dependable seller and good products. This is my forth purchase of SRC."

Andrew,  Keizer, OR  - "Another great deal has come my way......Happy as a clam at high tide."





Peter, Layfayette, CA - "Great stuff, I'll be needing more!"

Craig, Port Clinton, OH - "Interesting product to save tired inflatables, good seller, item lost & replaced." 

A picture is worth a thousand words....... click on the links below to view complete restoration projects, pictures and stories of happy customers from ur over 1,250 happy customers. Watch as their inflatable boat is easily restored using Tuff-coat inflatable boat paint.

- View restoration projects here.

- More Satisifed Customer Testimonials


What is the Coverage?

For ease of ordering we have pre-calculated and pre-packaged the amounts of base and top coat you need for your size of inflatable boat into common size "kits". However, for details on these packages, read below.

Coverage is 40-60 sq ft per quart for base coat and 60-80 for topcoat. As an example, one  "8 Foot Grey Pontoon Kit" (contains one qt. Basecoat and one qt. Topcoat) to do the pontoons only of an eight foot dingy. This does not include covering the floor. To cover all pontoons and floor you need one "8 Foot Grey Pontoon and Floor Kit" - this gives you an extra quart of basecoat (for an 8 ft. inflatable). For larger boats the base and top coat configurations are pre-calculated and packaged based on our experiences in selling over 1,200 kits.

Remember....as boats get longer their tube diameter and overall surface area gets larger therefore more paint must be ordered to take this into consideration, not just added length.

It is the basecoat that is the most important for covering rough areas, chafed areas, pinholes, etc, to build up the sealing/protective layer. The topcoat is the finishing layer to bring it to a beautiful appearance. This is why more basecoat is required when doing the floor also and when boats get larger.

If in doubt about your needs, especially if your boat is in rough shape with patches and chafed areas to cover, etc, you should order more paint as you do not want to get part way through your project and need more paint. This will delay your project completion schedule and cost more money in the long run. Order an extra amount of base or top coat subject to your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Both base and top coats will last over a year of shelf life so this offers you a quantity to have in case you require extra for repairs, touch-ups, etc in the future.


Types of Fabric (not all boats or fabrics are listed here but these are many popular ones)

PVC or Zodiac® Strongan
Bombard, Metzeler from 1989 on, Serié 1, Sevylor;  Quicksilver;
West Marine (blue), ZED; Zodiac, others

Hypalon or Hypalon/Neoprene Fabric
Avon, Achilles, Boat/US, Sea Rogue, West Marine (red or gray boats),
Metzeler before 1989, Zodiac Hurricane, some older Zodiacs.


FAQs: (Read MSDS for more information)

  1. What is SRC  TUFFCOAT?
  2. Where can I buy SRC.TUFFCOAT?
  3. How do I apply SRC TUFFCOAT?
  4. What about PVC Boats?
  5. What about really worn areas?
  6. Is there any blending or mixing necessary?
  7. Is there any stirring necessary?
  8. Is it applied to all surfaces of the inflatable including the bottom?
  9. Must it be evenly spread?
  10. How heavily do you apply it?
  11. Can it be spread with a regular paint brush?
  12. Can it be applied in the winter?
  13. How long should it take to do a 9 foot AVON?
  14. Do you paint over the rubber strips?
  15. What about layers peeling back, Is this type of damage from UV (Sun) damage and can SRC help?
  16. How pliable will the boat be after using this system? 
  17. Can my boat be folder or rolled after applying SRCTUFFCOAT ?
  18. Does SRC  TUFFCOAT crack or peel
  19. Why is the gray less expensive than other colors?
  20. Can repair patches be glued on after SRC has been applied?

Note: When applying Tuff-coat, always wears safety equipment as recommended by the manufacturer, the solvents and other tools and liquids you may be using during application. These may include rubber gloves, overalls, eye protection, a portable air filter respirator, and others. Read the MSDS sheets for further information.


What is  Tuff-coat?

SRC Tuff-coat - basecoat is a super tough, waterproof, impermeable coating which will bond directly to hypalon covered material. It can also make a mechanical bond with PVC.

SRC Tuff-coat - topcoat is an easy to apply acrylic latex product designed to bond with SRC-Basecoat. It will create a rugged flexible surface that seals and shields the material it covers. Topcoat provides an extremely tough flexible surface. Its properties allow consistency of color and additional UV protection. 


Where can I buy Tuff-coat?

You can order online through this secure online store. Or email us directly here. Or call us toll free at 1-888-309-0990.   


How do I apply Tuff-coat?

Surface preparation must provide a clean dry material free from mildew, oil, wax or grease. Leaks other than pinhole size must be repaired prior to application. If mildew is present wash boat thoroughly with a solution of one part household bleach and three parts soapy water. Boats need to have a mechanical bond with the basecoat and require a scuffing with a 3M pad or equivalent prior to application. Boats should be wiped with a clean, dry cloth immediately before application. After surface is cleaned, dried, prepared and repaired, begin application of Basecoat.

Stir well. Coat worn and problem areas first. Deflate boat until flaccid. Allow to fully dry. (24hrs minimum) Fully inflate and test for missed pinhole leaks. Rinse, dry and repeat application to any problem areas. Allow 24 hrs for any problem areas to dry, then paint a complete coat over entire tube surface area. Cleanup is with water. Proceed to topcoat application

Surface must be clean and dry as well as free from wax, grease, oil and mildew before application. Do not apply outside if rain is forecast within 12 hours. Stir well,  Allow 3-4 hours for topcoat to dry before applying second coat (if required). SRC Topcoat cleans up with warm soapy water.


What About PVC Boats?

Tuff-coat works quite well on PVC but it requires an additional step  for a satisfactory restoration. There are two main difference in applying Tuff-coat to PVC (rather than hypalon) First a mechanical bond must be created with a light sanding or scuffing of the surface with a 3M pad or equivalent before application of the basecoat. The second difference is that you must wait longer for the Tuff-coat to cure. This could be as much as a week.  With Hypalon the basecoat dries upwards and downwards while with PVC the Xylene carrier must vent upwards only. Topcoat will apply the same as on a hypalon boat.


What About Worn Areas?

Hypalon base coat should be applied to high wear areas first and recoated if needed prior to Topcoat being applied. If the area is really worn a patch can be applied by coating coating the worn area first with a coat of Tuff-coat Basecoat and then before it dries coat a piece of canvas with Tuff-coat Basecoat and apply it to the worn area, recoat the patch with Basecoat once it is in place. Make sure the hypalon base coat is dry (not tacky) it may take anywhere from 12 hrs to 4 or 5 days depending on temperature and humidity. Then apply finish coat .


Is there any blending or mixing necessary?

Tuff-coat comes in two parts but they are not mixed they are applied separately. The basecoat or undercoat is a specially blended synthetic rubber, it is formulated very aggressively for adhesion and the reason we can do this is because since it will be coated with Tuff-coat Topcoat we don't have to worry about how sticky it is. If it was not to be top coated it would stick to itself when the inflatable was rolled up. The topcoat is a liquid vinyl that is formulated to bond with and actually vulcanize to the basecoat.


Is there any stirring necessary?

It is very important to thoroughly stir the contents before application.


Is it applied to all surfaces of the inflatable including the bottom.

It may be applied to all surfaces made from PVC or Hypalon. it is not recommended to apply Tuff-coat to the fiberglass bottom of a  RIB.


Must it be evenly spread?

For a good looking job the basecoat should be thinned with a high quality Xylene thinner. The consistency should be like light cream, or tomato soup.


How heavily do you apply it?

On severely damaged areas - like where the fabric is threadbare - up to three coats may be applied to restore the integrity of the material. On areas where there is less or little damage one coat should suffice.


Can it be spread with a regular paint brush?

SRC can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.


Can it be applied in the winter?

Yes but temperature must stay above freezing and drying times will be much longer the colder it gets. Overall, it is better to apply it in warmer weather, but not too hot.


 How long should it take to do a 9 foot AVON?

Like anything else it depends on a number of factors. Proper preparation is critical for any coating and Tuff-coat is no different. The boat needs to be clean and free from any contaminants (like oil or Armorall) I recommend rubbing down the surface with a 3m pad prior to application of the basecoat. Once the boat has been prepped application of basecoat should take about two hours. The basecoat needs to dry thoroughly before applying topcoat. There should be no strong chemical (xylene venting) smell when topcoat is applied. Again a couple of hours should do it.


Do you paint over the rubber strips?

For the best finish any rubber strips should be cleaned with MEK and then taped off and not painted.


What about layers peeling back? Is this type of damage from UV (Sun) damage and can Tuff-coat help?

Yes this is common and it is from UV Damage. Tuff-coat has been used successfully to fix this type of damage. It of course depends on how extensive the damage is. The best results are from regluing any loose fabric or patching large holes, leaks and worn areas first.


How pliable will the boat be after using this system? 

It is quite pliable and when applied properly will bond completely with existing surfaces.


Will I have any issues folding or rolling up the boat when deflated?

Boats can be rolled or folded and stored once the Tuff-coat has fully cured. 


Does TUFF-COAT Crack or peel?

Tuff-coat will not crack or peel (within tested temperature and environmental conditions) providing it has been applied to a properly prepared surface. Take care and patience when applying Tuff-coat to ensure a long-lasting quality outcome.



Why is the silver gray less expensive than other colors?

The other colors besides gray require a special pigment to color the foundation liquid. This coloring pigment adds an extra cost to the product.



Can repair patches be glued on after Tuff-coat has been applied?

Repair patches can be applied to a boat coated with Tuff-coat paint however the top coat must be sanded/ground off to apply the patch to the basecoat only. Best results are achieved by sanding/grinding the Tuff-coat top and base coatings down to the original inflatable boat fabric for a "fabric-on-fabric" bond of the patch. Then repaint the new patch with left-over Tuff-coat or order a touch-up kit from us.


Note: When applying Tuff-coat, always wears safety equipment as recommended by the manufacturer of Tuff-coat, the solvents and other tools and liquids you may be using during application. These may include rubber gloves, overalls, eye protection, a portable air filter respirator, and others. Read the MSDS sheets for further information.


Don't compromise with others that only supply one coating! If there isn't a base and top coat, it likely won't adhere as well and last as long!


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