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Complete Solar Panel 90 Watt

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Complete Solar Panel

An excellent source of electrical power for the cruising sailboat


Our 90 watt solar panel kit is designed for the cruising mariner who has modest power requirements or who wishes to supplement the power generated by the engine alternator. This system is ideal for powering electronics, lights, instruments and a small refrigerator.


Our engineers have developed easy to install kits that contain everything you need for your solar system. Our top-of-pole mounting system enables tracking the sun position for maximum panel performance and keeps the panel up and out of the way of the rigging. Rotating or tilting the panel just several times a day to obtain an optimum sun angle can increase the panel output by as much as 30%. This means more power from a smaller panel; ideal for the marine environment where space is limited. Our systems are easy to install and remove. In severe weather, simply remove one bolt (or quick release pin), unplug the wires and lift the panel off the pole.

For even greater power requirements, our customers have purchased two 90 watt solar systems and mounted them on either side of the stern.


This complete kit will provide you with everything needed to install and operate the solar panel.

   -90 Watt solar panel
   -Top-of-pole tilting panel mounting system
   -Pole and pole brackets
   -Dual battery charge controller with temperature sensor
   -Connectors and 50 feet of wire (2 wires 25 ft. in length)
   -Optional Dual Charge Controller Remote Display



90 Watt solar panel


Our 90 watt polycrystalline solar panel is one of the most efficient panels available at 16% efficiency and will perform well in both full and partial sun. Ideal for top-of-pole mounting in a 12 volt system.




Rated Power                                  90   Watts (+3%,-3%)
Peak Power Voltage (Vmpp)      18.0 Volts
Peak Power Amps (Impp)             5.5 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)         21.2 Volts
Short Circuit Amps (Isc)                5.0 Amps

Manufacturers Warranty               10 Years
Dimensions (inches)                    26.78" x 39.37"
Weight (pounds)                          18 pounds
Output Connections:                    MC4 Connectors


Top-of-pole tilting panel mounting system


Our top-of-pole solar panel mounting system offers the best alternative for achieving maximum performance from your solar panel. The closer the panel is to being perpendicular to the rays of the sun the higher the performance. This is accomplished by both tilting and rotating the panel for solar tracking.

A solar panel should be easy to adjust without the use of tools. Our panel mount design provides 13 tilt positions. Simply pull a pin, tilt the panel and replace the pin. Our pole mounting system enables the panel to be rotated 360 degrees and locked into position.


Pole and pole brackets


The top-of-pole solar panel mount is designed to set atop our 1.5 inch OD stainless steel rotating pole. The standard pole height is 66 inches. A custom pole height can be specified at the time of order.

The pole is attached to the stern rail(s) using our brackets. No drilling or machining is required. Brackets clamp onto the stern rail and attach to adjustable sleeves that hold the pole and allow it to rotate. The sleeves can be set to any of three distances from the stern rail for proper alignment.


Dual battery charge controller with temperature sensor


Owner can set charging priority between the two battery banks in steps of 10%. For instance, you can decide that 80% of the solar current should go to the house battery and 20% to the start battery. When one battery bank is full all the power is redirected to the other battery.






Specifications - Controller:

  • For 12V and 24V systems (nominal voltage), automatically sensed. Charging voltages given below should be multiplied by 2 for 24V operation.
  • Max solar current 10 A for smaller panels or 20 A for larger panels (greater than 200 watts)
  • Absorption voltage 14.2V (sealed battery), 14.4V (flooded battery), 14.6V (industrial battery) or
  • Boost voltage 30 min 14.4V (sealed battery), 14.6V (flooded battery), 14.8V (industrial battery)
  • Float voltage 13.7V (all battery types)
  • Max intrinsic power use 4 mA at night, 10 mA when charging
  • Protected against short circuits, over-currents, reverse currents and lightning
  • Temperature range for use : from -35°C to +55°C
  • Temperature compensation -30 mV/°C
  • 4 mm2 (10-12 AWG) max wire size terminals to solar panel and batteries
  • 1.5 mm2 (16 AWG) terminals for optional remote temperature sensor
  • RJ45 connector for cable to optional remote display
  • IP22 ingression protection
  • Circuit protected against high humidity
  • Minimum operating voltage: 8 Volts


Connectors and 50 feet of wire


The proper wire from the panel to the controller and batteries is important to minimize voltage drop and thus obtain maximum performance from your solar panel. Our wire is made for the marine environment and will provide optimal power throughput with minimal voltage drop.



Conductor: Stranded Tined Copper (84 Strands)
Insulation: Halogen free cross linked polyolefin
Sheath: Halogen free cross linked polyolefin


Our solar panels are factory wired with pigtails and MC4 connectors. Thus, you will need a pair of connectors to connect the wire to the solar panel. We will pre-install the connectors to the wire ordered so no tools will be required. 






Optional Dual Charge Controller Remote Display


Provides all the information you need to track the performance of your solar panel and the condition of your battery banks.









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90 Watt Panel on Okaga, an Aloha 32 



Two Pole Mounted KC85T Solar Panels in the Bahamas


S2 36 90 Watt Solar Panel


View of the Crane and Solar Panel Tilt Mount




Another View of Dual 85 Watt Panels



Two CMP 90 Watt Panels on Freestanding Poles


CMP 130 Watt Panel on a Morgan 38

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