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Complete Davit System for Inflatable Boats - Quick Release

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Was: $830.00 - $865.00
Now: $799.00 - $834.00
Stand-off Bars: Information

Complete Davit System for Inflatable Boats (with quick release davit)


for Carrying Inflatable Boats on Your PowerboatPivoting dinghy davit system


A davit system that is the highest quality, easiest to install, simplest to use davit system on the market.


"Davits with no expensive gluing of parts on your dinghy, no hassles, no worries....just go boating!"


To save you money, we've grouped 3 key davit system products together to form the "complete davit system" for inflatable boats.


The complete system includes the following 3 products:


1.  Pivoting Davit System For Inflatable Boats (quick release model) The quick release means you have quick pull pins that connect the "c-ring" components to the base units that are mounted to your swim platform This allows you to clear the davits from your swim platform for swimmers or when you are not using the dinghy the davits can be easily and quickly stored.  See the pictures tab below for details.





2. 30" Stand Off Bars for Davit Systems  (30" length stand-off bars are the default size included. You can order 36" long for an added cost, or 24" or 18" long and receive a reduced total cost on this order.)



3. Pivoting Motor Mount Bracket   For inflatable boats and hard shell dinghies, this "pivoting" bracket allows the boater to leave the outboard motor on the dinghy when raising dinghy to vertical position on swim platform because the bracket pivots to different angles. Eliminates need for storage for motor, no spilling of fuel or oil.



Also included are fasteners and installation instructions, and with 7-10 day delivery time for most locations.


This high quality, stainless steel, innovative davit system is a boaters dream. No major installations, no gluing, no hassles, no damage to dinghy, less expensive and will last forever! Weaver davit systems require gluing of parts, this system does not. Don't compromise with plastic imitations that will warp and break, or with bulky components you have to glue to your dinghy, forever ruining it's appearance!


Need extensions to push your Pivoting Davit System farther outboard aft to give you more room on your swim platform? 18" Davit Mount Extensions offer you another 12" of room and are also convenient if you need to install the davit system on a swim platform with obstructions, ladders, hardware and other items that may be in the way of installation and use. Consider davit system extensions.


Superior in Quality to All Others - You Pay For What You Get!


Quick release davit system showing the pull pins that mount the c-rings to the base mounting units. This allows you to clear the davits from your swim platform for swimmers or when you are not using the dinghy the davits can be easily stored.

dinghy davit system for inflatable boats 


  Pivoting dinghy davit system

Pivoting dinghy davit system   Pivoting dinghy davit system


Pivot davit allows for great flexibility.

Davit pivots down deep towards or into the water for ease of use - subject to height above water of swim platform.

Large 17" diameter accommodates most inflatable dinghy yacht tender sizes.

"Hi Pete & Tina,

The "kiss" approach to dingy mounting. "keep it simple stupid"....which is what you offer with the 6000 system."

David Eastwood,
TWO SEAS, 32' Island Gypsy.


"I would be more than happy to tell you and others how pleased I am with your davit system. I searched the web and looked at a few systems but none can compare to yours. The picture you see here is of my boat on the St Lawrence River this past summer. While we were up there we stopped at a place called Bold Castle. We were just getting ready to leave when a fellow boater notice my dinghy and it's davit support. I had him come onboard and even try it for himself. He was very impressed with it and to the point where he wanted to give me his phone number so that when I got home I could call him with your website. Lucky for him I keep all my paper work for the boat on the boat. I was able to give him all the information he needed to contact you. I can only believe he did along with a few of his boating pals. I will be contacting you because I need to purchase the standoffs for the dinghy. You really need to advertise more on the East Coast. I think your Davit System would be a big seller here. It's only a matter of time until I move up to a larger boat and I will be in need of another one of your davits. I'll be sure to call."

Thanks again Paul A. Batz




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