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VAPOR Wakeboard Tower

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VAPOR Wakeboard Tower


The Vapor Tower has a swooped styling, thick and rigid tubing, ultra polished finish, and universal mounts. Constructed from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum tubing, the Vapor Tower has a swept back design that is incredibly rigid for a stable pull behind the boat.


The Vapor Tower can accommodate any boat between 79" and 108" in width, for a truly universal design that will fit almost any boat on the market. The Vapor Tower allows one person to quickly and easily fold this tower below windshield height for convenient storage in a standard garage.


Please note: This Tower will adjust down to fit a 79” mounting location. Please make certain that the boat’s hull at all mounting locations, especially the front, for the tower is at least 79 inches wide as the tower cannot go narrower.


Lays down in less than a minute for storage or low clearance.


  • High quality 6061-T6 aluminum tubing results in a strong tower that is lightweight
  • 2.25" large diameter - flex reducing aluminum tubing
  • Fits most boats from 79-108" wide (No advanced measurements are needed)
  • 72 inches front to back stance
  • Tower stands 55 inches from mounting points with a 12 degree inward taper
  • Secure design creates for a silent tower that will not rattle, creek or moan in rough water
  • High quality polished finish for a durable coating that looks good
  • Fully collapsible below the windshield height in minutes
  • 5 year limited warranty



What types of towers do you offer?
Currently we are producing three different styles of tower: the Big Air H2O Tower, the Big Air Vapor Tower and the Big Air Ice Tower.

What are the differences between the towers?
The main differences between the Vapor, Ice and H2O Tower are material and design. The H2O Tower is a combination stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum tower. It features side cross braces to reduce front to back torque and quick release knobs on all four mounts. It is also custom built to measurements that your provide from your boat and can be built anywhere from 55" to 108" wide. The Ice Tower is made completely of aluminum and does not have any cross braces or quick release features. The Ice Tower is a true universal tower that can fit any boat width between 76" and 108". The Ice tower does collapse although you will need to screw some bolts each time. The Vapor Tower is also made of aluminum and lacks quick release features, although it too can collapse by unscrewing some bolts each time. It can fit any boat width between 79” and 108”.

What kind of finishes can I get with the towers?
The Ice and Vapor Towers only come in a Polished Aluminum finish. The H2O Tower, however, does come in a variety of finishes. The basic finish for the H2O is our Brushed Metal (non-powder coated) finish. This finish is the result of polishing the stainless steel and aluminum of the tower to a satingloss finish. This finish can be taken up to a chrome-like look with a buffing wheel and some polishing compound or a fine grade of steel wool and a lot of elbow grease. We also keep a standard black or white powder coat finish in stock for the H2O tower. We do offer custom powder coat colors; however custom colors will add at least two weeks to the lead time of the tower.

Can I pull more than one person from the tower at a time?
No, the towers are designed to accommodate only one rider at a time.

Can I pull a tube from your towers?
No, tubes come into contact with so large an area of water that the surface tension creates a drag force that well exceeds the safety limits for the towers. The towers are only recommended for one skier, wakeboarder, kneeboarder, and air-chair rider at a time.

Will your towers fit my boat?
The Ice and Vapor Towers are designed to fit boats that are between 79” and 108” wide at the points where the front and back legs will attach. It is completely adjustable within that range. The H2O tower is custom built to the measurements that the customers provides and can fit virtually any boat. Please note that both towers require boats to be 16 feet or longer and have access under the gunnels.

Will your tower fit around my Bimini?
It depends on the boat and on the bimini. For us to determine whether or not our tower will bind your bimini, we will need four measurements from you. We will need the width of your hull where you plan to mount the front legs of the tower, the width of the hull where you plan to mount the rear legs of the tower, the height of your bimini from the point you plan to mount the tower legs, and the width of the bimini at the top. With those four measurements we will be able to find out if our tower will fit, if we can modify our tower to fit, or if the tower will not accommodate the bimini.

How far apart should I place the legs of the tower (from bow to stern)?
Optimal positioning for the legs of the Ice Tower is somewhere between 40 to 50 inches apart. The legs of the H2O Tower will need to be between 42 to 48 inches. The bottom bar of the Vapor Tower is 72 inches between the front mount and the back.

What kind of measurements do you need for the H2O Tower?
We will need two measurements from your boat. We will need the width across the hull at the point where you plan to mount the front legs of the tower and the width across the hull where you plan to mount the rear legs. Again, these measurements must be taken within 42 to 48 inches of each other.

Is there any adjustability in the measurements for the H2O Tower?
Yes, you will have 3 to 5 inches of adjustability in the width of the tower when you start to install.

Where should I take the measurements for the H2O Tower?
The placement of the tower is completely up to personal preferences. The most popular place to mount tends to be somewhere mid-ship, often straddling the windshield, but farther fore or aft mountings work equally well. One thing to consider: you will need to install a 2” x 4” backer plate for each mount on the inside of the hull. Make sure to take measurements at a place where you have access under the gunnel.

If I give you my boat's make and model, can you determine measurements for the H2O Tower?
While we do keep a database of the measurements of the boats we have fit in the past, we cannot guarantee a good fit if we use database measurements. We have no idea where previous customers chose to mount their tower on their boat and, if the tower was placed fairly far forward or aft, the measurements can vary widely. If you do choose to use database measurements and there is a fit problem with your boat, we can switch out either the H-member (top central cross-piece) or the corners of the tower until the tower fits precisely how you want it. However, the customer will have to pay for both the shipping of the new piece(s) to them and the return shipment of the old piece(s) to us.

I have the exact same boat as one pictured in your gallery. Can you use those measurements for my boat?
While we do keep a database of measurements for the H2O tower (as mentioned above) we have no idea which measurements go with the boats in our gallery. All of those pictures were sent in by our customers and we don’t keep track of which boat belonged to which customer.

Do you know of any installers in my region?
We do keep lists of dealers, marinas, etc. that we have dealt with in the past; however the vast majority of our customers choose to do the installation themselves. If you do chose to have a dealer or marina do the install, our best advice is to find someone that you trust with a drill and your boat’s fiberglass.

How hard is the tower to install?
The towers generally will take two people around 4 to 6 hours to install. Most of that time will be drilling the various installation holes. Please contact our sales office at info@allboatproducts.com or 1-888-309-0990 and we will gladly email a copy of the instructions to you.

Are the towers collapsible?
Yes. The Ice Tower will collapse to below the height of your windshield. The Vapor Tower will collapse to a height of 18 inches. The H2O Tower will collapse to a height between 24 to 28 inches.





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