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Racing Slide and Slam

Safety warnings

Racing Slide and Slam

More fun than ever


Racing Slide and Slam Bounce House is more fun than ever. The two slides encourage fun and allow two kids to race down the slides at the same time. The basketball hoop inside allows for basketball bounce house fun. This bounce house is a great size for back yard bouncing or indoor rainy day fun. The 7’ high design fits in most bedrooms, rumpus rooms and garages.


  • Side air blower port positions for set up choices
  • CL certified constant air blower with GFCI circuit breaker
  • Heavy nylon material
  • Double stitched reinforced seams and reinforced jump surface
  • Puncture and fire resistant ASTM compliant toy safety standards
  • One year blower warranty / 90 Day bounce house limited warranty
  • Anchor Stakes / Oversized carry bag / Rip & Tear Patch kit



Climbing Wall to the Racing Slide


 Constant Flow Forced Air Blower




Max Load
Racing Slide and Slam
5 kids or 500 lbs
15'L x 8'L x 7'H
18" x 19" x 27"
62 Lbs
Shipping Weight


Neoprene Distributors International DBA: Aqua Sports Technology is committed to the development of products that are safe for your children.

All Island Hopper residential bounce houses, water trampoline and bouncer products meet or exceed applicable material content laws and standards as set forth by the U.S. Government. We diligently adhere to rigorous and frequent testing to ensure our products are safe for your children. We work with reputable materials suppliers and regularly audit them for compliance. Island Hopper residential bounce house products are regularly tested by U.S. testing labs to further assure they meet or exceed U.S. federal toy standards for lead, phthalates, etc. as outlined by ASTM, The Consumer Product Safety Commission and other applicable governing bodies.


Residential Bounce House Warnings:

- This is an electrically operated product
- Read the instruction and warnings on the product before set up and use
- Follow all operating rules whenever product is in use
- Do not place product near fire or heating areas
- Adult Supervision is required at all times
- Suitable for children 3 – 10 years old
- Not suitable for rental or commercial use
- Maximum child height of 5 feet
- User weight maximum of 100 lbs each
- Before entering remove watches, jewelry and glasses
- No Sharp or fragile objects in bounce houses
- To prevent choking , do not chew or eat while inside
- No shoes inside bounce house
- No tumbling, flipping, wrestling or rough play
- Keep hands away from netting


Operating Rules:

- Adult Supervision during set up and take down is required
- Place product on dry even ground free from sharp objects
- To avoid injury, please ensure that the maximum occupancy is observed and controlled.
- Keep Children away from blower while it is operating
- Conduct periodic inspections of product for any damage or potential hazards
- Do not use product in rain, strong wind or extreme weather.
- When not in use, store out of sun in cool dry conditions

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