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The Original Anchor Cover

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Protects boat interior
Holds anchor rope too.
High quality anchor cover
Easy to wrap anchor in suit.
Protects boat interior and looks great.
Easy to carry with built-in handle
Adds class and protection to your vessel
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$119.00 - $229.00
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The Anchor Suit is designed to mitigate boat damage by softening all edges of the fluke anchor, silence nuisance anchor rattle while underway, maintain anchor gear in a tangle free and readily deployable state and provide sleek fit and finish of anchor for stowage virtually anywhere on your yacht or boat.


Free Shipping in the USA

Any boater knows that the fluke anchor is well known for its sharp, pointed and jagged edges which are hazards, as well as a nuisance. So with this in mind, the Anchor Suit was created to prevent the anchor from causing damage and injury to boats and boaters alike.

The Anchor Suit comes in Navy blue and is available in 5 sizes to fit up to the 25lb Danforth and Fortress FX-23 anchors. See the "Size Guide" tab for sizes and anchors. Free Shipping in the USA

Specifically, the Original Anchor Cover:

  • Provides protection from foot and toe injury while anchoring at your favorite beach, sand bar, tidal flat or spoil.
  • Mitigates damage to other boats if your protruding windlass or bow pulpit fluke anchor comes into accidental contact with another boat. 
  • Provides protection to your boats exterior and interior finish when moving the anchor in and out of your boat. 
  • Provides foot protection to the occupants of your boat when the anchor is temporarily stowed underfoot while moored or underway.
  • Presents a nice fit and finish to your fluke anchor when stowed on the pulpit of your yacht or boat.


Anchor Suit is a new and unique boating product which is becoming THE required accessory for virtually every boater. While boaters do understand the benefits of the Danforth/fluke style anchor when anchoring, what plagues boaters most is how to smartly stow the anchor and associated anchor components when not in use. Considering no product has ever been developed in the world to address this situation, and out of pure necessity, the Anchor Suit was developed.

Anchor Suit is a fully reinforced marine grade neoprene cover which was designed to soften all angles and jagged edges of the Danforth/fluke style anchor. This rugged design alleviates nuisance anchor and chain rattle while underway, mitigates bodily harm during inadvertent contact, protects hard and soft interior boat surfaces, e.g. gear locker, main salon, fore peak, lazarette, under PWC seat, yacht tender, etc. Also, the Anchor Suit keeps anchor gear neatly organized in a tangle free and readily deployable state.

While the Anchor Suit does provide tangible real world asset and personal protection, extra thought was also given into its design to provide a fit and finish to that of a sleek fitting wet suit. The result of this approach provides a tailored look for those rarely used secondary anchors, e.g. storm, lunch or stainless steel trophy anchors stowed in the interior of your yacht or boat.


Free Shipping in the USA



The Anchor Suit comes in Navy blue and is available in 5 sizes to fit up to the 25lb Danforth and Fortress FX-23 anchors.


Use this guide to measure your anchor to help you choose the correct size of anchor cover.

Size Dimensions Danforth Fortress
Small 21.5" W x 25" L 3-5 lb Danforth Anchor n/a
Medium 24.5" W x 31" L 9 lb Danforth Anchor FX-7
Large 26.5" W x 34” L 12 lb - 14 lb Danforth Anchor FX-11
X-Large 30.25" W x 39.75"L                  16 lb - 20 lb Danforth Anchor FX-16
XX-Large (out of stock) 32.5" W x 44" L  25 lb Danforth Anchor FX-23


Free Shipping in the USA



Q: How do I know what size AnchorSuit will fit my anchor?
A: See our table that outlines sizes and anchors. The AnchorSuit is currently available in small, medium, large, X large, and XX large. More sizes will be introduced as we determine boaters' needs.

Q: Can I anchor my boat with the AnchorSuit on the anchor.
A: NO!

Q: What's the point of having an AnchorSuit on my anchor while it's secured in my anchor roller?
A: If just for a moment ,during close maneuvering to other boats, your bow happens to get away from you and contact is made to another boat, damage to the other boat will be mitigated.. Also, if you slip your boat bow forward at the marina, you or others walking by won't accidentally gash themselves on the raw edges of your anchor.

Q: Do they come in other colors besides navy blue?
A: At this time, we only offer navy blue.

Q: Do you have an AnchorSuit for the Delta and Bruce anchors?
A: We are in the development stage for these types of anchors.

Q: Can I have my yacht club, boat name or logo put on the AnchorSuit?
A: We are working on this option; however, please contact us if you have a bulk order containing the same logo or name. Otherwise, for unique one-off logo's or names, your local printer / embroiderer shop can provide this service for you.

Q: Will the AnchorSuit fade?
A: The Anchor Suit is treated with UV protection as well as waterproofing. However, extended exposure to the harsh marine environment will subject it to fading over time. We recommend using a UV protectant regularly, such as Ray Bloc or 303 Aerospace to reduce fading.

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