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Outboard Boat Engine Stabilizer Plate or Planing Fin

Outboard boat engine stabilizer plates or boat planing fins eliminate visibility hazards during acceleration, porpoising, improves performance, and eliminates cavitation. These anti-drag stabilizers are mounted under anti-cavitation plate of outboard motors and inboard motors. Once cruising speed is reached, reduce RPM and still maintain same speed. Save fuel and wear and tear. Stabilizers extend aft of the motor and reduce wakes for skiers. More solid water around the propeller improves performance and top speed overall.

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Model 1000 Engine Stabilizer Planing Fins

4 - 12 HP, 1/8" Thin by 12" wide

Model 1100 Engine Stabilizer Planing Fins

15 - 130 HP,  3/16" Thin by 20" wide.

Model 1200 Engine Stabilizer Planing Fins

150 - 200 HP, 1/4" Thin by 20" wide.

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