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Dual Charge Controller Remote Display

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Dual Charge Controller Remote Display

Provides all the information you need to track the performance of your solar panel

It is particularly useful when optimizing panel tilt using our top-of-pole mounting system. The display plugs into the Dual Bank Battery  Controller.

Features include:

  • Monitors and Displays Solar Charge Rates
  • Monitors and Displays Condition and Charge of both Battery Banks.
  • Solar Charge shown in volts, amps, amp/hr. rate, and frequency rate.
  • Displays % of charge for both batteries.
  • Battery Charge shown in volts, volts min., volts max., and amp/hr. stored.
  • Displays both Battery Banks Separately.
  • Displays Time and Local Temp.
  • Optional  RTS Displays Battery Temp. and Adjusts Charge Rate.
  • Adjustable Backlighting
  • Adjustable Data Repeat.
  • 10 Meter Cable
  • RJ45 connector for cable to charge controller
  • Max intrinsic power use 17mA with no backlight, 20mA with low backlight and 23mA with bright backlight
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